OVER 40 REASONS to Choose Cuda Parts Washers

Cuda Parts Washer Group

  1. SMALL FOOTPRINT: Less shop space used
  2. LARGE WHEELS WITH AXLES: Easy to move about and durable
  3. 1.5-INCH DRAIN: Permits sludge to exit when cleaning
  4. SLOPED SUMP BOTTOM: Facilitates quick draining of wastewater
  5. LARGE REMOVAL ACCESS COVERS: Unobstructed access for easy cleaning
  6. PATENTED ‘NECK DOWN’ DESIGN: Filters debris from washing solution
  7. REMOVAL DEBRIS SCREEN: Easy recovery of small parts that might accidentally fall from the wash area
  8. ROLL-IN DOOR DESIGN: Saves space and doesn’t drip water onto floor or feet when opening; permits easy access when loading parts; no door sagging
  9. MECHANICAL DOOR SEAL: Specially designed to keep heat and water inside the wash chamber; doesn’t sag or droop
  10. SIMPLE CONTROL PANEL: Easy to understand and operate; located at eye level
  11. VERTICAL SHAFT MOTOR AND PUMP: No cavitation; positive flow; easy to access and work on if repairs are needed
  12. EASY ACCESS ELECTRICAL BOX: Time savings when servicing or installing the equipment
  13. POWDER COAT & TEXTURED PAINT: Durable and easy to clean
  14. PLUG-AND-PLAY OPTION READY: Options not originally sold can be installed later in the field as an upgrade
  15. SAFETY DOOR CUT-OFF SWITCH: Protects operator by stopping all wash action immediately when door is opened
  16. ADJUSTABLE DOOR: Door can be adjusted to compensate for normal usage
  17. RETRACTABLE INTERMEDIATE SPRAY BAR: Permits operator to clean smaller parts and use a spray arm double basket option
  18. “C” SPRAY BAR CONFIGURATION: 360-degree wash coverage for cleaner parts
  19. LARGE STEAM VENT: Allows parts to “flash dry” to avoid rusting
  20. LOW-WATER SHUT-OFF: Prevents damage to heating element due to low water level
  21. LOW-WATER WARNING LIGHT: Alerts operator when water level has dropped too low
  22. 12-HOUR HEATER TIMER: Automatic shut-off to protect parts washer against operator neglect; also promotes safety
  23. 1-HOUR WASH TIMER: Permits operator to increase wash time, if needed, but not abuse
  24. 30-MINUTE OIL SKIMMER TIMER: Automatically turns off oil skimmer when it is no longer needed; saves energy
  25. TURNTABLE ON/OFF SWITCH: Permits more detailed washing
  26. REMOVABLE PARTS TREE: Permits operator to hang parts from the tree for even more effective cleaning
  27. REMOVABLE CONTAINMENT RING: Keeps parts from sliding off of turntable
  28. STAINLESS STEEL OIL SKIMMER: Extends the life of the wash water by removing oil from the cleaning solution
  29. CORPORATE SUPPORT: Distributors and end-users can purchase and operate equipment with confidence that strict manufacturing standards were adhered to and service support will be there for the long term
  30. TOP BRAND COMPONENTS: Proven dependability; peace of mind
  31. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND SOLVENT FREE: Operator is not exposed to toxic fumes nor is skin exposed to hazardous solvents
  32. CERTIFIED TO MEET UL SAFETY STANDARDS: Meets federal electrical standards for operator assurance and owner liability protection
  33. CHAIN-DRIVE TURNTABLE: Positive and dependable drive system with slip pulley design protects the motor in the event of jammed parts
  34. 12-TO-14 GAUGE STEEL CABINET: Durable, dependable, long lasting
  35. MACHINED SWIVEL INTERMEDIATE SPRAY BAR: Swivel is machined to tight tolerances to prevent grit and corrosion from damaging the swivel
  36. STAINLESS STEEL TURNTABLE HUB: Handles side loading and prevents bearings from freezing up
  37. LOCKING DOOR LATCH LEVER: Positive lock prevents door from opening on its own while in wash mode
  38. USER FRIENDLY: Simple as a dishwasher, operation easy to understand
  39. FULLY AUTOMATED: Saves time, money and permits the operator to perform revenue-producing tasks while parts are being washed
  40. MARKETED THROUGH CUDA DISTRIBUTORS: Your equipment is backed by experts in the field because they devote 100% of their time to solving cleaning needs and challenges
  41. BACKED BY A MILLION-DOLLAR LIABILITY INSURANCE: Protects the customer, distributor and manufacturer in case of an accident
  42. ONE-YEAR PARTS WARRANTY: Replacement parts are free for the first year as long as they did not fail due to neglect or abuse
  43. UP TO ONE-YEAR LABOR WARRANTY: 90-day labor warranty policy is automatically extended to one-year when end-user uses Cuda detergents exclusively
  44. KNOWLEDGEABLE DISTRIBUTOR NETWORK: Cuda distributors know the ins and outs of the parts washer business and offer cleaning solutions
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