Water Based Parts Washers - a safe, automatic, solvent-free parts washing solution.

Top Load Group Shot

Enviro SymbolThinking about a green alternative? Consider Cuda Automatic Parts Washers, a low-hazard, low pollution water-based cleaning solution for any industry that washes parts and components.

Rugged, high-capacity Cuda Automatic Parts Washers use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents to safely blast away dirt, grease and grime, all while offering businesses a green solution.

Cuda “Green” Benefits:

  • No noxious fumes for employees to breathe
  • Emits no exhaust into the air
  • Uses biodegradable solvent-free detergents
  • Consolidates and cleans many parts at once, conserving water
  • Skims free oils from wash water, and prolongs the life of wash water
  • Roll-in door prevents water spills onto shop floor
  • A self-contained cleaning system
  • Keeps hands out of harmful wash solution
  • No respirators needed
  • No eye protection needed
  • Tested safe for city sewer water discharge

No Solvents

No SolventsSolvents – along with their health risks and disposal problems– are a thing of the past. Replace your solvent tank with a Cuda parts washer and get a safer and better cleaning alternative.

Why Choose Cuda?

Performance – Cuda specializes exclusively in parts washers and accessories. You can count on Cuda to be the innovators in parts washers. The bottom line is you not only get top performance, you get more standard features and options than with any other brand.

Available in Front-Loading and Top-Loading styles - over 30 models to choose from.

Cuda door Space saving roll-in door allows easy access to the wash chamber and prevents wash solution from dripping on the shop floor.

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