PHOSPHATIZER Parts Washer Detergent

A Heavy-Duty Liquid Detergent for Acid Conditioning of Steel and Iron to Prevent Rust and Scale

Phosphatizer is a biodegradable cleaner and phosphatizer for iron and steel designed specifically for use in Cuda Industrial Parts Washers and for spray, dip or wipe-on cleaning and phosphatizing. Phosphatizer
cleans equally well in hard or soft water and is formulated with a unique combination of cleaning agents and defoamers that make it a long lasting economical solution to use.
NON-CAUSTIC – Protects your parts washer
HIGHLY CONCENTRATED – A little goes a long way Dillution ratio of 60:1
BIODEGRADABLE – Peace of mind that it is ecologically acceptable
COMPETITIVELY PRICED – Excellent value and economical cost per gallon
HIGH-QUALITY DETERGENT – Specially designed for aqueous parts washers, Designed for high temperature cleaning
CORROSION INHIBITORS – Extra inhibitors provide added protection against flash rusting
NO-FOAM – Non-foaming surfactants

8.698-008.05 Gal
8.698-009.055 gal

Best to Remove:

  • Hard or Soft Water
  • Iron and Steel Parts
  • Preventing Rust and Scale

Applications Include:

  • Paint Preparation for Metal Parts
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Aqueous Parts Washers
  • Spray Cleaning
  • Dip Cleaning
  • Wipe-On Cleaning

FormulationA complete one-step detergent and phosphatizing system for cleaning metal parts and preparing them for painting. Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect against corrosion and flash rusting, and an enhanced defoamer to assist with foam control in the parts washer sump.
BiodegradabilityFully biodegradable
pH at 5% Solution3.2 - 3.5
Foaming ActionNon-foaming
Water Conditioning for Hard Water (TDS)Yes
Dilution Ratio60:1
ColorClear light straw liquid
CorrosionPhosphatizer contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect against corrosion and flash rusting
Product SafetyOSHA / WHMIS / GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available
Smog & OzoneThis product does not contain photochemically reactive ingredients that contribute to smog problems or attack the Earth’s ozone layer
ContainersAvailable in 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers

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