Top Load 2216 Series Parts Washers

22" Turntable – 16" Working Height – 500 lb Load Capacity

A compact top-load automatic parts washer that fits
most commercial applications.
At only 32 inches wide, the Cuda 2412 Series parts washer is our most compact top-loading parts washer. The Cuda 2216 Series has a 500-lb. load capacity, and a 22-inch turntable diameter. The Cuda 2216 Series has a 1 HP pump motor producing 28 GPM @ 30 PSI.
Oil Skimmer – automatically removes and collects free oils; prolongs life of wash water (standard feature).
Easy access debris screen – prevents foreign objects and small parts from falling into sump
Easy access sump cover permits quick and easy cleaning of the parts washer

Turntable Diameter22"
Working Height16"
Load Capacity500 lbs.
Sump Capacity23 Gallons
Pump Motor1 HP, 28 GPM @30 PSI
Operating Temperature150° - 170°F
Dimensions52"h x 32"w x 42"d
Volts/Ph - Amps - Heater (kW)115/1 - 15 - 2
230/1 - 28 - 4.5
208/1 - 30 - 4.5
230/3 - 20 - 6
460/3 - 10 - 6
575/3 - 8 - 6
208/3 - 21 - 6


Automatic Oil Skimmer

With stainless steel disc and wiper blades, the skimmer effectively removes oil and grease from the cleaning solution to prolong the life, and to provide a means for convenient oil and grease disposal.

Easy Access Sump Cover

The easy access sump cover permits quick and easy cleaning of the Cuda parts washer

Control Panel

All Cuda top-load parts washers have simple control panels for the heater, wash cycle operation, as well as a low-water shut-off indicator.

Removable Debris Screen

The patented front access debris screen filters debris particles from the wash solution to ensure clear spray nozzle operation, and also provides a safeguard against small parts that might accidentally be washed through from the cleaning chamber. The debris screen is standard on the Cuda 2518 and Cuda 2412 series.


  • Automatic Water Fill – Automatically adds water if water level drops
  • Containment Rings – 22”, 24” or 25” diameter for extra basket capacity
  • Detail Brush – (with pump) allows easy cleaning of blind holes and difficult areas (requires shop air)
  • Power Brush – (pneumatic) removes stubborn gasket materials and carbon deposits (requires shop air)
  • Deluxe Kit – Detail and Power Brush–complete kit
  • Preferred Option Package – Parts Basket, Containment Ring and Oil Container
  • Filtration & Sump Sweep – quickly removes sediment from sump floor through 100 micron filters to help extend life of wash water
  • Heater and Skimmer Timers – 24 hour/7 day
  • 60-Mesh Debris Screen Tray – Insert provides finer screening of sump solution
  • Small Parts Basket – for smaller parts cleaning
  • Rubber Turntable Mat – To protect parts being cleaned
  • Hour Meter – displays elapsed time
  • PK-100D Sump Cleaner – Provides an economical and efficient way to process and extend the life of wastewater
  • Oil Drain Container – collects oil from Automatic Oil Skimmer
  • Wastewater Drum Evaporator – is ideal for eliminating very low volumes of wastewater for drying sludge

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